Remember Whisky Picnic?

Remember Whisky Picnic 2009, guys? I came across this video last night by total accident and I just can’t help it, have to share it because… I’m in it (although with my back turned so you won’t see me)! I know today is our birthday and we are having a party of our own and that’s all I should be caring about but hey-ho.

The video is by the Movember guys and it’s really well done I think.


  1. Don’t see much of that over here in the states, too bad!

  2. I don’t think Nick and Duncan would mind if there was Whisky Picnic US Edition:) It’s just a matter of finding a bunch of people who would be willing to spend heaps of their free time organising it:P

  3. I accept your challenge. Let’s do it.

  4. Happy Birthday Edinburgh Whisky Blog!

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