Our Birthday Video

Here is our birthday video, as promsed. We will be posting every vlog entry here on the blog shortly (up to 24h) after it appears on YouTube. Why delayed? We are trying to encourage you to subscribe to our channel so that you can comment and shower us with beautiful red shiny stars… we are not only vain but also very insecure!

Click here to visit our YouTube channel!


  1. Hey guys,
    hope you had a great birthday party!
    Unfortunately I cannot watch the video from Germany
    because it contains music from Sony, says youtube! :( (
    Can you only watch it in the UK-worldwideweb?

  2. Mark, we are well aware of this issue and all I can say is sorry man! No Sony music in following episodes for sure. YouTube tells me that Germany is the only country where the video is blocked.

  3. Thanks for the info. Too many rules and regulations here…
    I’m looking forward for the next videos!

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