A Quick Dram: Murray McDavid Mortlach 1993

A Christmas gift dram from Paula (Islay blog posts)

Mortlach 1993 (11yo)
Bottled by: Murray McDavid
Bourbon cask, finished in Graham’s Port casks
1800 bottles, 46% abv

Mortlach means ‘duck massacre’ apparently…

Colour: 1970s brown leather sofa

Nose: Apples, berries and peaches. Blackcurrants and nail varnish, lemony and sour. Finally White chocolate and nutmeg.

Palate: Grapey blackcurrants oaky and very clean

Finish: Very short

Overall: Easy drinking, clean and quite sweet. Not as big as other Mortlachs. Expected more on the palate after the nose, but still enjoyable.

Person: Clive Owen. Started off strong (Sin City) but has slightly disappointed since.