Someone got pissed off?

Gordon Brown sinking the whisky industry

Persons with heart conditions and those who are currently within a granade-haul-distance from Downing Street in London (and happen to have a granade on them) are advised not to read this post.

Ever-reliable reported that The Edrington Group’s chairman, Sir Ian Good got well pissed off when he found out that Gordon Brown had said that the whisky industry wasn’t getting milked quite enough. In fact, Mr. Brown thought appropriate to tell us that the excise duty would rise by no less than 30% by 2013. Three years. Start Menu – All Programs – Accessories – Calculator… don’t bother checking how much more a bottle of malt is going to cost soon if you want to keep your blood pressure in check. Sir Ian did the maths and he got a bit of a rage going. He said:

“On the one hand, politicians claim they want to encourage leading industries in the UK to be world-class yet impose swingeing domestic taxes on a truly world-class industry…”

For as long as anyone can remember Scotch whisky has been discriminated by other countries’ tax systems. They impose tiny duties on their local booze and tax Scotch through the roof. This way they keep the home revenue ticking, create jobs and stop money from flowing the wrong direction across the borders.

But we live in Britain! The imperialism, colonialism and all the jazz, that is all way behind us. We are a civilised country now and we obey the rules (with the exception for illegally invading random countries whenever the US tell us to). Scotch whisky not only does not enjoy any preferential treatment at home, it is also being constantly penalised for being one of the UK’s most recognisable goods and most profitable exports.

That has been the case for decades now and we should all be well used to it. What is incomprehensible to me is why is this escalating when the industry is expecting the post-crisis downturn in sales (it is already happening quite frankly)? You know what? This is a joke. And we can’t even hope to solve the problem by voting them out, because the idiots that will come to replace them will be doing exactly the same thing. It is a standing policy of all the UK Governments to batter the Scotch whisky industry as hard as they can.

I sympathise with Edrington and other distillers and, I can tell you, I’m feeling very anarchistic today.



  1. Good post and i agree with you.
    Speaking for the german market as far as i know it, sales in Germany will decrease when the whisky prices rise by 30%. There will always be a small bunch of nerds paying almost every price but the majority won’t..

  2. This is ridiculous, no one will ever profit from this! Sales will more than logically fall down, which will cause distilleries to lose money (and some could have to close down), which will mean that less money will go to the government!

    Where will the milk come from once they’ve killed the cows?

  3. Strange how our supreme leader, a trained economist, does not seem to understand the law of diminishing returns. No surprises here really, though … they’ve been at it since 1644!

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