A Quick Dram: Bowmore Tempest

Bowmore Tempest
10 years old
£40.61 from here

Nose: Menthol and bread with a touch of leather and sweet pipe smoke… smells like an old man but in a good way. With water presents some quality sweet vanilla. Add a touch more and it hits with berry-flavoured Robinson diluting juice, milk chocolate and more wood smoke. Awesome.

Palate: Rich and peaty, hot and spicy. Underpinned by raisins, toffee and bread crust.

Finish: Heaps of wood smoke, some choc-chip cookies and hot runny caramel.

Overall: My, my. All Bowmores should be like this, wholesome, cask-strength and honest – this wee beastie encapsulates everything I love about this distillery. Tempest beats my until-now favourite – 15yo Darkest – and shoots straight into the stratosphere of my all time favourites. The price may seem a bit steep at first, but the juice is actually worth it for a change.

Person: Bruce Dickinson – may smell and look like an old man, but hell there is young fire inside there!



  1. great stuff!
    i have place an order for this nectar a few days ago.
    expecting it soon :)

  2. I ordered a bottle of this at the weekend after finding that Royal Mile Whiskies were unable to keep any on their shelves for more than about 4.253 seconds.
    If it’s as good as I remember from trying it last year I may have to buy a few more bottles before they start to run out. Not sure if it’ll get to be my favorite Bowmore, Port 16yo might give it a good run for it’s money.

  3. I like Tempest but the Port cask 16 is better for me. Not sure about favourite though, because I tried a 28 year old that was fantastic. Difficult

  4. Can I just say congrats, guys. My Whisky Magazine dropped onto the mat this morning and who should be inside it but the head honchos in Edinburgh Whisky Blog Towers? It’s quite an achievement. Something for me to aspire to!

  5. James, thank you very much:) May happen to you sooner than you think.

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