A Quick Dram: Bowmore Tempest

Bowmore Tempest
10 years old
£40.61 from here

Nose: Menthol and bread with a touch of leather and sweet pipe smoke… smells like an old man but in a good way. With water presents some quality sweet vanilla. Add a touch more and it hits with berry-flavoured Robinson diluting juice, milk chocolate and more wood smoke. Awesome.

Palate: Rich and peaty, hot and spicy. Underpinned by raisins, toffee and bread crust.

Finish: Heaps of wood smoke, some choc-chip cookies and hot runny caramel.

Overall: My, my. All Bowmores should be like this, wholesome, cask-strength and honest – this wee beastie encapsulates everything I love about this distillery. Tempest beats my until-now favourite – 15yo Darkest – and shoots straight into the stratosphere of my all time favourites. The price may seem a bit steep at first, but the juice is actually worth it for a change.

Person: Bruce Dickinson – may smell and look like an old man, but hell there is young fire inside there!