Video: Call of Whisky Duty

I just came back from my wee holiday and look what I brought with me – videos! There are a couple of short clips, first one below, more coming up soon. Have you ever been to the World of Whisky at any airport? What do you think? Do you like them? Are they all the same? What is your favourite airport retail only whisky?


  1. Major WTF?! Great video, incidentally, and I’m exactly the same when I find myself in airports now. Running around Heathrow Terminal 5 last summer I certainly expected Micky Mouse to pop up from behind the shelf of Lagavulins. But I’ve put my name down for that Aberfeldy and they told me they’d phone when they had finally sorted out their labelling issues. And I was quoted at £150 for a bottle! Don’t tell me its gone up in price?!

  2. Great vid bro. Who edits it? Very pro looking.
    I love wow at heatheow ter 5. Amazing selection
    And great pricing. Also samples and the dude there gives
    Good advice.
    Lucky u

  3. It was actually Edinburgh Airport, not Heathrow. Never been to the Terminal 5 shop.

    I edit the videos myself, thanks for the compliment but to me they still seem very imperfect. But I’m on a steep learning curve so hopefully we’ll get the right quality in before long.

  4. me = admin = Lucas ;P

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