Glenlivet Faemussach. To drink or not to drink?

Glenlivet Faemussach1

We got this wee cutie from Chivas Malts for our birthday last month (thanks very much). We appreciate how rare and collectable this bottle is. But we’ve always said that whisky is for drinking. Nice whisky, like this one, kept sealed in a dark cupboard is like a beautiful girl kept away from the world by her psychopathic father, locked away in a dark cellar somewhere in Austria enduring… never mind, you get the point.

As The Four Tasters Of The Apocalypse gather once more tonight to perform their dark arts, an important decision must be made. Drink it or keep it locked away in a dungeon? Have your say! (click ‘Read more’ for a picture of the whole bottle)

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Glenlivet Faemussach Bottle