Video: One or five too many for Lucas?

Another short video from my wee holiday last week. This one shows the highlight of the trip, a night on a lash with a bunch of old friends and a handful of brand new ones. Now, I must say I hadn’t had such a good time for months before that night and even considering the consequences the morning after (and then another morning after) I still would have done everything exactly the same way… well actually, maybe that fourth Talisker was unnecessary now that I think about it. But hey-ho. As they say: everything in moderation, including moderation itself.

By the way, go to Poland! You will be gob-smacked by how beautiful the women are and how cheap the booze is. And it’s just nice overall. But maybe don’t go in January when it tends to be -20 degrees, go in the summer. Oh, and they consider 25ml of spirit a half-measure! 50ml is the way they roll. Crazy.

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