Quirky new toys at Bruichladdich

Sitting fabulously in contrary to my previous post about the prospects of turning whisky into a high-tech industry with the use of lasers, nanotechnology and chemical engineering; Bruichladdich sent us photos of two ‘new’ stills installed recently at the distillery. One of them is a 130 years old Victorian pot still, renovated by Forsyths of Rothes, probably the oldest working whisky still in the world (the first photo).

The second is a highly unusual Lomond still (the bottom photo), salvaged from Inverleven before it was demolished in 2004. You may not have heard about Lomond still… it’s one of those plumber’s-wet-dream stories, not unlike the one you can find at Penderyn. Moving elements inside the still neck and dustbin-like shape would be the summary of what it says in technical description. They call it Ugly Betty and you can see why, it’s not exactly the Mona Lisa of the whisky world.

Good luck to Jim McEwan and the team with using their new toys, we’re looking forward to the results.

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The oldest whisky stillLomond still at Bruichladdich