Here comes Ardbeg Rollercoaster!

Ardbeg Rollercoaster

Update (15/02/2010): High resolution photo and our review

Here it comes! The new Ardbeg is just round the corner. On February 15th Ardbeg Rollercoaster will be made available through the Ardbeg website. It is a vatting of 10 casks, one from each year between 1997 and 2006, put together co celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Ardbeg Committee. It is bottled at 57.3% and it will cost £50.

I am such a sucker for those quirky Ardbeg releases, I can’t wait! I love the packaging and the rollercoaster theme. I want it now!

Sorry for the poor quality photo, I’ll put a better one up as soon as I can get my hands something decent.

Here is what makes up Ardbeg Rollercoaster:

1997 Cask: 2nd fill
1998 Cask: Refill Hogshead
1999 Cask: 1st Fill Barrel
2000 Cask: 1st Fill Barrel
2001 Cask: Refill Barrel
2002 Cask: Refill Barrel
2003 Cask: 1st Fill Barrel
2004 Cask: 1st Fill Barrel
2005 Cask: 2nd Fill Sherry Butt
2006 Cask: Refill Hogshead


  1. i need me one of those. ;)

  2. I am a sucker for these things too. But Ardbeg make them so interesting; they don’t come along too often and they’re always worthwhile.

    This, however sounds like a perfect birthday present. I must drop a few hints…

  3. How many other people, though, on reaching the middle of the first paragraph, were bracing themselves for a price tag somewhere between £80 and £130? I know I was! So well done, Ardbeg for pricing it sensibly, although please could everyone keep in mind that this is still more expensive than the peerless Uigeadail, which contains portions of the legendary 1974 casks.

    I daresay, and how I hate to daresay it, but the sequential nature of this bottling and its ingredients may well make for a nice talking point in someone’s… collection. Perhaps more cynical credit needs to be given to LVMH: they know how to drum up a feeding frenzy, having done something similar with the Supernova.

  4. Thanks for the update. Every Ardbeg committee release so far has been a splendid success.

    Do you know if this is Ardbeg’s first vatted malt?

  5. I assume then that this isn’t the £180 bottle that’s been talked about. It sounds good though. Would probably still go for the new £49 CS 7yo from the SMWS – it’s a cracker. Math dhà-riribh!

  6. Its not a vatted malt. Almost all the ardbegs contain components from different casks, the exceptions being the single cask bottlings. Serendipity was a vatted malt as it contained two different malts from different distilleries.

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  8. [...] each year between 1997 and 2006 – Chris and Lucas have a complete list of the casks over on The Edinburgh Whisky blog. This was the one that I was most wanting to try, as I suspected it’d disappear before I got [...]

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