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To some of you it won’t come as a surprise that we are now tightening our bond with Master of Malt, an excellent online whisky retailer. It is run by generally rather cool guys (apart from the fact they are mostly English) and we get on with them very well. The results of this international mutual love are, our dear reader, of benefit to you.

Master of Malt are kindly offering a discount to everyone who enters EDINBURGHWHISKY01 promotional code in the ‘delivery instructions’ box on page 2 of the checkout. They will shave 5% off your products and will throw in a Glencairn whisky glass with every order.

They ship pretty much all over the world so don’t be shy to reap the benefits if you’re reading us from Farfaraway.

I’m sure all sorts of terms and conditions apply and they reserve some rights etc… but don’t worry about it too much.


  1. Nice catch. Off to use this tonight I think.

  2. And there was me wanting a bottle of the tomatin 19 for my collection.

  3. Tomatin 19 from MoM is some sort of a miracle, isn’t it? :)

  4. “I’m sure all sorts of terms and conditions apply and they reserve some rights etc… but don’t worry about it too much.” I love you guys…

  5. terms and conditions are “if you buy loads of whisky you’ll be more our friends”, and “no bombing or heavy petting”. As for reserving rights – erm… The right to remain silent? The right to free council?

  6. I hereby execute my right to remain silent /not/

  7. I should also mention (might be worth putting this in the body of the post as well), that you need to enter the code EDINBURGHWHISKY01 in the delivery instructions box on page 2 of the checkout. Cheers chaps.

  8. Done. Thanks Ben.

  9. Just placed an order for the Tomatin 19yrCS – been eying this beauty for a while and the 5% pt me over the edge. Thank guys!


    Joshua (@yossiyitzak)

  10. Brilliant!

    Had a great experience purchasing Kilchoman Autum release from MoM last year and have since told friends about them. This is VERY good news (and I’m glad we can take advantage from “Farfaraway”).

    Continued success to MoM and EWB,
    Jason @WHISKYhost

  11. Yes, will take the advantage from Farfaraway (from Poland actually) quite soon! Thanks for this, guys!

  12. I just re-read this and realized that with the last order I placed using this code (for the Tomatin 19yr CS), I didn’t get the Glencairn glass :(

    I just ordered the Yamazaki Sherry Cask using the code, hope they send it! Put in a good word for me? :)

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