Video: The Glenlivet Faemussach

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  1. I desperately hope that I can find like-minded folk when I get to uni, because for all I enjoy tasting on my tod, I yearn for that discussion-based sampling where each can deride the other’s olfactory senses, and that is why I enjoyed this video so much! Personally, I never confuse strawberries and peaches… ;)
    As far as The Glenlivet goes, it will always be very very special to me having brought on this whisky fanaticism in the first place, and I was wishing for you all to be stricken on those sofas, catatonic with ambrosial joy, at having tasted this. I’m thinking of buying a bottle of the 21YO Archive to toast a hopefully safe return from my trip! Not nearly as expensive and much easier to verbally request.

  2. What Uni are you going to?

    I run the Aberdeen University Malt Whisky Society – we have a lot of event going on all the time!

    Check out our new blog and see what we are getting up to!

  3. Hi Blair,

    As of September I’ll be at St Andrews University – so reasonably local! When I went to the open day I was assured that they have a whisky society(and Ultimate Frisbee – phew!) so that should be a great hub within which I might find other whisky nuts.

    While we’re exchanging blog details, I think you and your members up in Aberdeen might be interested in what I’m attempting. Just click on my name and have a wee browse. I’ll be coming to a distillery near you!

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