Captain Slow

I am officially the (better looking) James May of EWB. I am that guy that, at the most amazing party, ends up doing the washing up in the kitchen. Why do I say this? Well Lucas writes an exciting article about a Famous Grouse competition, and I get stuck with the terms and conditions. So here they are! (Sigh)

1. Queue skip/jump passes are for the Famous Grouse tent that is at Murrayfield. This has to be used in Conjunction with a match ticket (We couldn’t get our hands on any match tickets. We did try, but no luck)

2. Closing date for entries is Friday the 12th of March

3. The beanies and the queue jump are a prize together. If you don’t have tickets to the game, tell us in your email and we will send you the beanie and keep the queue jump and give the queue jump back to Famous Grouse.

4. We will email the winners on Friday. Anyone that can make use of the queue jump tickets can collect there prize from us on the Saturday.

5. We have 10 beanies and passes to give away

I am sure there are more terms and conditions. There always are. If you spot one we have missed out, please don’t sue us.


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