Competition Awards

Thank you so much for you witty captions. We were very much testing this format this time and we promise that next time we will have much flashier and more valuable awards.

Chris and I will be posting the beanies very soon but obviously if you need the q-jump passes they would not get to you in time. So we figured that if you’re going to the game you are likely to be in the city in the morning before the game. We are going to leave 10 passes at the reception of The Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile (have you been on the new tour?) and if you took part the competition feel free to just grab them from there.

The magic password is: ‘Err, excuse me, I think Lucas and Chris might have left some q-jump passes for me here…’

If you have any questions, just email me on


  1. I think you guys should have been handing out queue-jump passes for Scott Monument, instead; as in you queue up, and then you jump off! It would’ve been more entertaining than watching the match!

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