We drank Mortlach 70 years old! All of it.

Obviously the news of the moment is the oldest whisky in the world – Mortlach 70 years old – released yesterday in Edinburgh by Gordon & MacPhail. Now, I was actually there, as those of you who follow our Twitter well know, and I have all the press goodies - detailed info, high-res pictures, opinions – all of which will be up here soon. On top of that I also have an hour or so of video footage I shot there, which I will condense for you into a nice and short YouTube clip.

Not to mention that I had a sample ( I actually drank all of it) so there will be tasting notes!

The annoying thing is, my dissertation is due in a couple of weeks and the bloody thing is anything but finished. I am currently spending all of my time doing this and I really can’t get stuff out on the blog as quickly as I would like. Having said that I will do my best to put something together over the weekend.



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