A Quick Dram: Dalmore Clan Mackenzie

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Dalmore Clan Mackenzie
17 years old
11 years in ex Bourbon casks
6 years in Port pipes
About £100

Background: The Founders and stewards of Dalmore were  of the Clan Mackenzie. This bottle is being released to celebrate this link, as the painting on the Box symbolises. Some of the proceeds of the bottle are going to maintaining Castle Loed, the Mackenzie’s home.

With the bottle is an invitation to send away and get a complimentary print of the painting.

Nose: Bananas, honey, tangerines, marzipan, citrus, plums, toffee, caramel and biscuits. Wow, this actually smells awesome. I think this is one of the most detailed aromas I have ever smelt. I was very high on coffee which might explain some of this description but still, Wow! It is fresher than other Dalmores but still exhibits a rich house style.

Palate: Definitely mangoes. I am always stunned when I taste tropical fruit on a whisky, but there you go. More of the tangerines too. A tropical punch of a dram.

Finish: It went quite quickly. I wanted more.

Overall: It is a brilliant whisky. It was quite sweet but balanced by depth, body and a bite.



  1. You gotta watch that coffee habit…

    The Mackenzie sounds pretty great, thanks for posting! I’ll be at a tasting with Mr. Paterson a week from today in San Francisco, I wonder if he’ll bring some of that along.

  2. …trembling with lust…

    My expectations concerning partially Port-matured Dalmores stem from what I could pull out of the myriad wine flavours in the 1263 – so this must be awesome, coffee or no coffee.

    I re-tasted the 12yo recently and have been steadily making my way through my bottle of the 15yo and this is my absolute favourite Highland distillery. So oppulent it’s untrue. Want it now.

    Peter, I’m brimming with envy: not only does Mr P construct epic whiskies but by all accounts he’s quite a character, as the Edinburgh Whisky guys know only too well.

    I hope this shall be at the Scotch Whisky Experience next time I’m up there. I’m very curious about Port finishes after tasting the gorgeous Glenmo Quinta Ruban.

  3. I went to the LCBO today in search of a bottle of this but was told they have not had it since 1992 was extremely disappointed.
    Guess I will have to wait until I visit Scotland in October one more stop to add to my trip.

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