As you may well know I am currently working on my dissertation (that’s why there is not much happening here lately). The thing is on distillery visitor centres and their role in brand marketing – can’t really say any more yet, I want it to be a surprise.

I thought that since I can’t really spare any of my time and do work for you at the moment, maybe, as a weird switch of roles, you could spare 2 minutes of your time and help me a little! What do you think?

I created this wee questionnaire which will help to support some of my findings or, perhaps, will send my thesis packing and destroy my life.


Please answer the questions only if you have ever visited a malt whisky distillery in Scotland and went on a guided tour around the facility (whisky-related but non-distilling attractions, such as The Scotch Whisky Experience, do not count). If you have visited more than one distillery, please answer the questions considering your most recent visit to a Scottish distillery. Please do not take the survey if you are younger than 18 (in the UK) or below the legal drinking age in your country.

Some of the answers you provide may require for you to skip questions. Please follow the instructions in brackets next to the answers you give.


[poll id="43"]

If you went on a standard tour…

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If you went on a ‘special’ tour…

[poll id="47"] [poll id="48"] [poll id="49"]


[poll id="50"] [poll id="51"]


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Thanks a million!