A Quick Dram: Greenore 8 yo

Greenore 8 years old
Single Grain Irish Whiskey
Limited edition, bottled 2007
Small batch distillation from Cooley distillery, County Louth
40% abv

Appearance: Pale yellow gold, similar to a lightly oaked white wine.

Nose: Sherbet lemon sweets and warm vanilla custard – creamy but tangy.Something fragrant underneath, like aromatic spices…cardamom perhaps?

Palate: Firm and surprisingly fruity on the palate initially. A burst of vanilla spiciness then that custard creamy sweetness quickly fades to more tingling spice, the unmistakeable clean taste of grain and there is even some licorice lingering on the finish.

Overall: If this was my first meeting with single grain whiskey, I’d be tempted to try others; not too sweet, not too harsh with rich vanilla flavours and a softening of the metallic quality I have found in other (young) grain whiskies. Think posh and spicy custard!


  1. Posh and spicy custard – what a great way to describe this whisky! I tasted it a few weeks ago and I wish I had thought of those words when I wrote my tasting notes.

  2. Hi Chaps,Do like the way you have described this whiskey too!Haven’t tasted a single grain whisky for sometime,youv’e tempted me now! Enjoying your whisky blog very much. BigBird.

  3. To BigBird:

    If you fancy anymore temptations, this was my first foray into Grain Whisky Tasting:


    The SMWS has many good bottlings of Grain Whisky, if it is not all gone!

    Ludo: I would love to take credit, but it was one of our friends and guest blogger, Paula, who came up with ‘posh custard’.

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