The ALBANACH Whisky Festival


Lucas and I love the Albanach pub. The staff are great, the location is great (197 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1PE) and the whisky list is pretty impressive. They are having a whisky sale and I have a funny feeling I will be down there once or twice (at least) in the next month.

Starts 1st April 2010

£4.99 per nip.

Balvenie Single barrel 15 year old. (Speyside) Bottled in 1993. Abv – 50.40%

Bruichladdich 15 year old. (Islay) Abv – 40%

Ancnoc 12 year old. (Highland) Abv – 40%

Connoisseurs Choice (Caol Ila) 1978. (Islay) Bottled in 1992. Abv – 40%

Connoisseurs Choice (Caol Ila) 1977. (Islay) Abv – 40%

Deanston 17 year old. (Speyside) Abv – 40%

Glen Grant 21 year old. (Speyside) Abv – 40%

Linkwood 15 year old. (Speyside) Abv – 40%

Scapa 1979. (Island) Abv – 40%

Springbank 15 year old. (Highland) Abv – 46%

£6.99 per nip.

Connoisseurs Choice (Aberfeldy) 1974. (Highland) Abv – 40%

Connoisseurs Choice (Banff) 1974. (Speyside) Abv – 40%

Connoisseurs Choice (Millburn) 1971. (Speyside) Abv – 40%

Macallan 18 year old, Sherry Wood. (Speyside) Bottled in 1991. Abv – 43%

Macphails 30 year old. (Speyside) Abv – 40%

Port Ellen 17 year old. (Islay) Abv – 59.5%

Springbank 21 year old. (Highland) Abv – 46%

Springbank 1972. (Highland) Bottled in 1991. Abv – 46%

If you make it down to their whisky sale, I hope you enjoy it. Definitely write in and tell us if you taste some of these whiskies and what you think.



  1. I was in Edinburgh earlier this evening, ended up in a pub where the best drink was Magners. That’s a bad show at the best of times, but knowing this selection was available…
    Ah well, I’ll just have to go back in later in the week.

  2. Was visiting Edinburgh this past week, and the Albanach was one of my favourite stops. Their Ardbeg taster is fabulous.

  3. no more Port Ellen there…:(
    and no more Rosebank Rare Malts Selection..Ihad the last dram..with their lemon tart.Biggest experience in my maltlife.
    nice staff,great foods and malts.
    I had Linkwood,Inchgower,Laphroaig,Caol Ila,Rosebank tonight.Albannach is one of my favourite place on the Earth:))

  4. Looks good. Pity there’s not more cask stengths though.

  5. 12 year old AnCnoc doesn’t really fit in that list. £5 a shot?!

  6. Is that Craig at the Bar? What a great idea having a WHISKY SALE!Will pop in sometime,JDM(BigBird)

  7. I entered the Albanach last week and I must say the place was delightful… and the staff… fantastic. I was served by Fiona who was so chatty and helpful, and suggested the nicest food. what a charming lady! will definately be stopping off in the albanach any time im in edinburgh in the future!

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