The Ultimate Whisky Experience

Press Release. I know, another press release. The reason I have been putting these up, is I think they are genuinely interesting to you folks, the readers, but  I am looking for feedback. If you want less press releases or more press releases, please comment below this article.

How would you drink yours?

Global hunt kicks off the ultimate whisky experience


From sharing a dram with friends by a camp fire to sipping a malt on a yacht at sunset, the challenge is on to come up with the ultimate whisky experience.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is sparking an adventurous debate amongst whisky lovers across the world, to find out what makes the ultimate whisky experience. From a personal tasting with your favourite whisky celebrity to relaxing with distillery still-men over a dram or three, wants to hear what tickles your fancy.

Hoping to engage whisky enthusiasts across the world, the Society will enter every idea into a monthly prize draw, giving participants the opportunity to win an exciting range of Society treats, from cases of the world’s finest single cask whisky to a range of Society whisky experiences, which could include your own unique private dining experience.

As part of its campaign to fulfil the whisky dream, the Society will even make some of the best ideas a reality!

To be in with a chance of winning, tell the Society how you would like to drink yours at:




  1. Hi there,

    by all means keep them coming!

    Some are interesting some are sincere and others so outright bragging and ridiculous that one can always have a good lough.

    It gives you insights on how the industry and some whisky companies tick.

    If you can read between the lines you will find coming trends or ideas sometimes.

    So yes, go on.


  2. where else would you be wanting to drink the finest single cask whisky around….than in the comfort of your own home surrounded by those things precious in our lives, including the bottle!!

  3. There is absolutely no need to put these releases in your blog. That’s not what a blog is for. Every now and then you can summarize the most interesting news but just putting them on in their entire lenghts is meaningless.

  4. Your not a PR company – why publish press releases? They are not what this blog is all about or shouldnt be!

  5. I always appreciate feedback.

    Maybe I should explain. Lucas and I ignore most Press Releases, because they are not very interesting.

    But if you look at the 3 I have put down recently.

    1. The Albanach Whisky sale. If I had just ignored the press email, then no-one would have gone down their and enjoyed their amazing whisky selection. I didn’t realise they were having a sale, as I had not been down there in the past couple of months. It was the Press release that alerted me.

    2. Glenfarclas 40. Since I have only smelt it, I could not really comment too much, so a press release with tasting notes seemed appropriate. Although the people writing the email are bias, they know what they are talking about. Glenfarclas is awesome. I could not argue, so I published the press release

    3. SMWS. I am actually thinking of entering this competition myself, that is why I put it up.

    If after the justification, we still deserve to be stoned, then Lucas and I will take a beating that we deserve :)

  6. Maybe the SMWS should lower their prices instead of indulging in pop-idol publicity stunts?

    I guess it’s true though that these days they’re more of a money-printing enterprise than a society.

    They have some great whisky, but then again, so do Cadenheads.

  7. I agree with Seonaidh – SMWS are getting very expensive. My favourite bottler is Cadenheads….

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