A Quick Dram: Balvenie Signature Batch 3

Balvenie Signature Batch 3
12 years old
First fill bourbon, refill bourbon and Olorosso sherry

Nose: Big notes of heather honey. Lemon zest. Almost like lemon and peroa juice. A very fresh dram, in comparison to the richer Doublewood. It is worth warming, as it becomes a fair bit richer and more grapey.

Palate: Citrus and grapefruit at first. Honey and syrup with a slight bitterness.

Finish: Toffee, honey, raisins and lemon curd. A moreish whisky.

Overall: It’s an excellent sipping whisky. Fresh and zesty, but with some richness. Something to taste at the beginning of the night, perhaps while you are waiting for your date to turn up. Not mind blowing, but they don’t always have to be mind blowing.

How does it compare to the sherried Balvenie? It really doesn’t stand up to it. The sherried Balvenie was truly excellent. Something to sit down after dinner, in front of the fire and truly savour. Shame they don’t sell it.