Caol Ila and Lagavulin for Islay Festival 2010

Islay Festival 2010 - Caol Ila and Lagavulin

Islay Festival 2010 is looming and it is now known what limited goodies two Diageo-owned Islay distilleries have in store for thirsty visitors.

From Lagavulin there is a single European oak cask filled in August 1994, bottled at 52.7% ABV. The release consists of 528 smile-inducing units of happy-happy-joy-joy. The cask was picked by Iain McArthur from the famous Port Ellen warehouse. The cost is £74.99 and bottles will go on sale at Lagavulin on Saturday 22 May – Laga’s open day.

From Caol Ila there is an ex-sherry European oak cask filled in August 1999, bottled at 61.9% ABV, consisting of 558 bottles. The cask was chosen by Billy Stitchell, long-standing Caol Ila manager. A bottle will also cost £74.99 but will go on sale on Monday 24 May.

Both releases will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and will be limited to one bottle per visitor.


  1. yumm.
    too bad unlike laph they dont sell those on the site,.

  2. Man-o-Maneschewitz, I want that Lagavulin!!

  3. A word on Jura, too, and the only ‘scoop’ I feel I got about Islay festival bottlings. They are releasing three single casks for the festival. They were on the shelves when I visited but not for sale, infuriatingly enough!
    They’re called ‘Boutique Barrels’ and consist of a 1993 Oloroso sherry at 54% (£75); a 1995 Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon at 56.5% (£65), and a 1999 heavily-peated expression out of Bourbon wood at 55% (£55). I wanted the £65 Bourbon badly!

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  5. Shock horror! For the first time, Lagavulin’s Feis Ile bottling sold out on the day! I was lucky enough to taste it and damn,I wish I’d bought a bottle when I had the chance!Sigh…

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