Look at me! I’m having Manager’s Choice!

Manager's Choice

Some time ago Diageo said that Manager’s Choice was the fastest-selling limited release whisky in company’s history… or something like that. I was surprised at first but then I thought (bin doin’ alada tinkin’, ya know) – something can be fastest-selling but still not be selling very well, right? It all depends on how fast or how slow-selling was the second fastest-selling thing… you can probably see where I’m going with this.

And now I think I have my confirmation. Coinciding with the release of the fourth and final batch of seven bottlings (see picture) my obscure wee blog received rather sizable samples of the entire 3rd release despite what we said about Manager’s Choice in the past. A reasonable and probable explanation to that would be their presumed desire to try and cause a second wave of interest in the series – an after-shock which, for a change, would get people talking about the actual whisky rather than the pricing massacre. My gut feeling about this is that perhaps Manager’s Choice isn’t as huge a success story after all.

But hold on a second. Are these speculations fair? It could be just as well that someone at Diageo thought ‘feck it!’ and just pushed the samples our way for the banter of it. Maybe just to keep us ticking? Just to give us stuff to write about, to help us develop or to simply put smiles on those prematurely wrinkled faces?

My guess is as good as yours but I’ll tell you what. Diageo have the right to have their whisky sampled and written about just like any other whisky company. And only because they are big and can occasionally come across as greedy or bullies, doesn’t mean there is a stone-cold corporate agenda behind absolutely everything they do. And because they went out of their way to DHL me the samples I am also going to make an effort and discuss the whisky – not the pricing. Soft core? Perhaps. But I’ve always said that if the juice is good, it’s good and in the end that’s all that matters. I’m really looking forward to judging these controversial whiskies purely on their merit.

Expect tasting notes and opinions on the 3rd release spread over the next couple of weeks. I’m starting today with Glenkinchie, my local distillery!


To find out more about Manager’s Choice bottlings go to the official website

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