Manager’s Choice: Glenkinchie

Filled 1992, bottled 2009
Cask #502, European oak
528 bottles
58.1% ABV

Nose: Lemon grass, marshmallows, oaked Chardonnay, Champagne-flavoured croissant filling. It’s very clean and focused. With water becomes heavier but doesn’t loose the fresh-factor. Oily citrus, lemon icing, corn flakes, sour bread crust, vanilla custard. Very un-kinchie! Defined and pronounced, on time and in-tune.

Palate: Sugary sweetness, perfumed and floral at first. Later a touch thicker with the trademark citrus coming through. Think white chocolate made with lemon juice instead of milk… err… but in a good way. Again clean, pronounced and to the point. Inviting.

Finish: Big sweet, big vanilla, big candy. My favourite slice of this lemon tart. Fantastically eternal.

Overall: More water, more fun here. Transforms and surprises every step of the way. The kind of whisky you remember and remember well… I honestly know people who are less interesting than this dram (as cruel as it sounds). A textbook clean citrusy malt with that little extra to send you flying.

Manager’s Choice – 1, sceptical and grumpy Lucas – 0