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Master of Malt Drinks by the Dram 2

Oh. My. God. (Said in a high-pitched voice with a distinct Southern American accent)

They are just the cutest things ever! I had three of these beauties posted to me by our friends from the Master of Malt down in London (it’s somewhere in England I think) and I just had to take a couple of pictures and share my awe with you, guys. I knew for ages they were planning something of the sort – a wide range of affordable 3cl samples for their customers to ‘try before they buy’. I was expecting obscure miniature bottles with screw-caps. But instead they created these fantastic wee jars, sealed with red wax and labelled using the most beautiful rustic-looking paper.

The samples are available from their website and they really don’t cost an arm and a leg so it’s worthwhile looking through what’s available already.

Master of Malt Drinks by the Dram 3



  1. Those are cute! They’d make lovely wee presents for someone if you weren’t sure what they might like, and I love the label design.

  2. lovely stuff..

    i already ordered the Farclas 40 sample. and got a few samples also

  3. Do you think these are legal? Wonder if the brands know about them……

  4. If a bar can sell you 3cl in a glass, why would it be illegal? Anyway I think the execution of the idea is really well done.

  5. Master of Malt have commented on elsewhere that this is a partnership scheme with the brand owners so of course they know about them. It’s all over the internet anyway!

    It’s a really great idea and allows us greedy ones to sample a bit of every whisky available without having to fill the shelves with huge bottles. :)

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