The Glenlivet – Here we come!


Lucas and I are going to The Glenlivet this week. We will be stood with this locked gate in front of us, drooling at the contents of the cellar. We will be there for a very exciting occasion, which we will reveal as we go along.

Unfortunately, we cannot take our beloved Blog readers with us, but we can take your questions, ideas and requests. If there is anything you want us to find out from the people in the know at The Glenlivet, comment on this post, email us, tweet us, send us carrier pigeon etc., and we will try our hardest to get answers.


Well excited! Not least by the prospect of meeting my future king and his wife there… oh aye, they’re coming too. I’ve heard rumour it was actually Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall who personally requested the presence of their all-time favourite whisky bloggers. Since, in a way, we owe allegiance to them we shall obey – we will go there and drink all their whisky. Tough.


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