Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve Panel? Oh, go on then

Every year Glenfiddich releases a limited single cask bottling – Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve. They have a tradition of inviting all sorts of people to join the Malt Master in the selection process, they create panels. Now this year sees big changes for Glenfiddich with the appointment of a brand new Malt Master - Brian Kinsman. The first major development is that they now choose the Vintage Reserve panelists at random, they simply draw them from a phone book. And so it happened this year that it was my name that got stabbed by Brian’s index finger on that thin yellow page.That’s some luck, you must admit.

But this year’s panel is different from the previous ones in more than one way. The panelists taste the proposed whiskies from the comfort of their homes (the phone book method ensures that no homeless people are involved) and share their thoughts via Twitter! And I know it’s a touch of a late notice and all that, but it’s actually happening today at 12 GMT+1h (British summer time). If you fancy following the tasting, simply search for #vintagereserve tag on your Twitter page or your Twitter client for iPhone or desktop. Details of the casks at hand, the selection process, the other panelists and other useful stuff can be found here.

The Glenfiddich panel also coincides with our Twitter account breaking the 2000 followers mark. Thank you so much guys, it means a lot!



  1. nice.
    why didnt they also ask bloggers from all over the world to join?

  2. from all around the world i mean : Israel ;)

  3. They must have missed the most prominent Israeli whisky blogger somehow. Or maybe your invite got lost in the post??

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