The Glenlivet, a helicopter and some tasty stuff

Picture this. Lucas and I stood outside The Glenlivet distillery. The sun is shining, chat is flowing and our tasty lunch is settling nicely.

Then in the field in front of us land a couple of helicopters! Yes folks, helicopters! We were going to fly over the distillery. We both thought we were going to taste the whisky in mid air or that we were going to bungee out of the chopper, so we were bracing ourselves for this experience. We went over to the flying machines, strapped in and took off.


The flight was awesome (watch the YouTube video). Stunning views and one of the most surreal experiences of my life (more surreal experiences to come later on in this trip).

Sadly no tasting mid flight or bungee jump, but it was certainly a nice welcome when we came back to earth to walk straight into a tasting of The Glenlivet range.

The Glenlivet New Spirit68.5% Abv

Nose: Bananas and green apples. With water: Hot house in the botanic gardens. Very floral.

Palate: Blackcurrant leaves and grapefruit juice.

Thoughts: Cracking stuff. I am starting to get a real taste for new spirit. May do a tasting of some of them soon. Watch this space…

The Glenlivet 12
99% ex bourbon casks
1% sherry casks

Upto 16 year old whisky within the 12!

Nose: Sunscreen, bananas and apricots

Palate: Light, zesty and slightly honeyed

Thoughts: You can see why this whisky sells such volume. Sweet, clean easy drinking Single Malt Whisky. A nice strong house style of bananas, apples and zestiness with a touch of honey.

The Glenlivet Nadurra
Natural cask strength 16 year old

Nose: lemons and grapes. Slightly grassy and a definite bite.

Palate: blood oranges and tangerines.

Thoughts: The cask strength element adds bite and depth to The Glenlivet. I tried it a couple of years ago and absolutely raved about it. It didn’t have the same impact on me in this tasting. Maybe a different batch or maybe my tastes have changed slightly? Still a good whisky though.

The Glenlivet…?

Yes folks, there was one more whisky. Something very special and truly superb, and we will report on it soon. Damn cliff hangers!!!



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