Whisky Food Pairings in Boisdale Restaurants

As you well know Chris and I have a strong practical interest in the art of whisky food matching. Today we have a rather special treat for you (and ourselves) – a handful of very useful tips on the matter from our guy down in Boisdale Restaurants. Enjoy!


Eric Pebble, resident blogger at Boisdale restaurants, is a perfectly normal, intelligent, slightly eccentric chap of good taste and fine sensibilities who happens to have undertaken a particular quest in life: to voyage into the world of exceptional whisky and discover all there is to know about the sacred amber fluid’s allure and versatility.


Scotch Whisky Food Pairings

There is an old Irish proverb that says, “What butter and whisky cannot cure, there is no cure for.” Luckily, this advice need not to be taken too literally, because there are many exciting food pairings to compliment many favourite single malt scotches that will certainly help cure what ails you.

The art of combining the right whisky with complementary dishes is an on-going challenge for true connoisseurs of food and drink, but there are some classic pairings that create the perfect blend of flavours that will set you on the road to recovery.




Single malt whiskies from Islay share a wonderful smoky, spicy bite that is beautifully tamed by a good strong cheese, especially when combined with a salty side dish. Talisker, the only brew from the Isle of Skye, goes especially well with crumbled Roquefort over olives or a nice smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizer.

For an exotic pairing, try the Tasmanian cheddar called Pyengana which provides a surprising match with a well aged Talisker, especially when served with a side of smoked almonds and a a sharp rye bread.


The rather sweet cast of the unconventional Ardbeg single malt brings a subtle balance to the smoky peat notes, making it an excellent choice for pairing with French soft cheeses like brie or the buttery Cashel Blue with its nutty undertones.

Ardbeg is also an excellent complement to strong parmesan cheeses and can be sipped along with Italian dishes, and is perfectly divine with a custom cheese pizza topped with sausages and peppers.




For the best results in pairing whisky and chocolate, here is a hint. You should taste the whisky first, let it rest on the palate and then swallow it down. Then take a bite of chocolate and feel the vapours from the Scotch expand the chocolate taste until it fills your entire face.

Fans of Oban single malt whisky have discovered many delightful pairings of its heady peat taste with all kinds of dark chocolates, in particular any brand that has 85 percent cocoa. Oban is especially good with rich desserts that combine chocolates, like tortes and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

If you prefer a creamy milk chocolate, Dalwhinnie can provide the kind of smooth malty overtones that yields excellent results. You can even add a splash to your homemade hot chocolate to help you warm up from the inside out.


Spicy Foods


Yamazaki Whisky from Japan makes a surprisingly good pairing with favourites like buffalo wings. Even more surprising is how nicely it compliments Mexican dishes like tacos and nachos. What is not too surprising is how it is just perfect with sushi and wasabi spiced dishes.

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