EWB Four Roses tasting

Just a wee reminder:

The sunny days are back, so it is time to hit the Whisky bars and drink (responsibly). The venue of choice is the Albanach, July the 5th at 8pm. Four Roses Bourbon have kindly donated 2 bottles of whisky. We will start by tasting those and then just see where the night takes us.

Event: Edinburgh Whisky Blog Tasting
Date: 5th July, 2010
Time: 8.00pm start
Venue: The Albanach Bar, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh
Hosts: Us two handsome lads

Hope to see you there. Should be a great laugh!



  1. Cheers for the invite guys I had a great time in a responsible way and remember it all. Thanks Bruce if your’e following for a very informative evening, was good to learn a bit more about bourbon. The whisky was good and the company great. Look forward to future events guys.

  2. I’ve never experienced a vertical tasting of bourbon before, so this was real treat – thanks guys! There was some interesting new facts heard about bourbon but the star of the night must be the Four Roses Small Batch. What a spicy little number that was! Mmmm…rye, butterscotch, toasted vanilla…

  3. Don’t think Im a fan of bourbon, think I’ll stick to the whisky but a good night all the same! Looking forward to the tequilla tasting now…;)

  4. Great night all round… From what I remember! Really good to try a few spirits that I sadly neglect. Will certainly be reserving my place for any future events!

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