A Quick Dram: Mortlach 70 year old

A life experience awaited me. I sat with this chocolate-esque box on the bar before me. I had been looking forward to getting my hands on it for quite some time. After blowing the dust off the lid, I preceded to open the box. Pages and pages of information, but who cares about that? What I wanted to find was the liquid. A tiny container of liquid, just under three times my age. The oldest whisky ever released and the oldest whisky I will ever taste (probably).

Mortlach 70 year old
Gordon & MacPhail
Ex Sherry cask filled in 1938
46.1% Abv

Nose: Very rich mahogany and floor polish. Beef marinated in red wine and cooked with smokey bacon. A little charcoal.

Palate: Very bitter chocolate with hints of cherry. Again smokey bacon.

Finish: Creme brulee and milky way.

I am left pretty speechless by it. So many layers and such complexity. Superb. The taste just about matched the excitement I had felt beforehand.

Check out the people who looked after this barrel for so long here



  1. This is one envious Mortlach-enthusiast.

    However, I feel you could have created a new tasting category for this one: “A Very Long-Drawn-Out Dram Indeed”, or something similar. Maybe you could have tasted it over a 70-minute period? Or possibly you could have compared it to other things that are 70-years-old? Or you could have written the tasting notes over a bus pass template. I’m only fooling, of course.

    What an achievement in whisky, though, and when placed beside the louder and brasher Glenfiddich and Dalmore brands, a lovely surprise.

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