The Sminger

Andy Mott

Today we give you a long-awaited (at least by us) and quite literally smashing contribution by our regular reader and dear friend – Andy Mott. Read carefully and your drinking habits shall be changed forever… if you can handle them Smingers that is!

Let us know if you have any (good) ideas for improvements.



Mutant Cocktail – The Sminger

What the hell is a Sminger? It sounds like some sort of creature out of a Sci-fi film! I did check online to see if any characters named Sminger were out there and guess what, there aren’t. I turned to the dictionary next and of course there was nothing to be found, at least not in the dictionaries we all know and love. However, for those of us who are looking for vocabulary more common to the  streets, there is the online urban dictionary . Wow, there are some words that I never knew existed! Anyhow, Tracy Allen on Urban dictionary says: ‘a Sminger is a smelly minger’.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to drag the blog down with my first post by making it about smelly mingers . The Sminger we speak of is a cocktail of sorts. I say that because a cocktail requires 3 ingredients and Sminger only has 2.

Sminger regular : This is the original Sminger as created by Graeme Gardiner. It is simple enough to make. Take a measure of Smokehead and pour into a tall glass or tumbler filled with ice. Next take a bottle of ginger beer and mix it in. Job done! You now have a Sminger. Now I have to admit I love this drink. I am not a fan of ginger beer but the two work so well, the smoke powers through the ginger leaving you the taste of the whisky, whilst the ginger beer and ice make it refreshing. This is a perfect drink for a warm summer day.

Supercharged Turbo Sminger : Now for me the Sminger is perfect and I would take it as it is. However Graeme (its creator) is a little younger than me and felt it could use a bit of a kick. No doubt some of you also want a drink that punches and beats your throat on the way down leaving a very definite thump as it arrives in the stomach. Well this one is for you then. For the Turbo Sminger we again take a dram of Smokehead but the ginger beer is replaced by the 48% strong Ginger Tam’s liqueur. A Turbo Sminger is like being hit in the crackers with a big stick.

Sminger Squared : This is the only Sminger which can actually be called a cocktail as it has the 3 ingredients. I didn’t think any more could be done to the Sminger but we found a way. The funny thing is that the Sminger Squared actually improves the Turbo Sminger whilst adding yet more alcohol into the equation. It is essentially a Turbo Sminger freshened up with Crabbie’s ginger beer. Far fresher and easier, surprisingly!

Go out to your favourite bars, seek the Sminger and let us know what you think. I think you will be surprised.


The fine print: Supercharged Turbo Sminger and Sminger Squared are dangerous mistresses. Try at your own risk.

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