Balblair 2000


Balblair 1989 and 1975 are amongst my all-time favourites, no big secret. Chris however has always preferred the much fresher and cleaner 1997. The 2000 vintage, bottled and released this year, is Balblair’s newest baby and is replacing the 1997 which is now set to be discontinued. I got to taste it yesterday and I have a simple piece of advice – start looking behind your sofa cushions for some pennies and prepare to get some serious value for money because this wee cutie is likely to be the bargain malt whisky of the year. Seriously.

Balblair 2000
ex-bourbon cask
43% ABV

Inside £30
No online retailers seem to have it yet…

Nose: Macaroon bar through and through… makes your head spin! Some fresh coconut and mango lingering at the back. Water opens up beautiful fresh and zesty tangerine and white grapefruit.

Taste: Zesty ground lemon peel and floral overtones with a touch of ginger and vanilla behind the scenes. Very mellow for the age, super drinkable.

Finish: Finishes bitter-sweet with fudge and vanilla flavours dominating and some dry oak shavings performing a fine balancing act.

Overall: A white table cloth. It is pristine and smooth yet there is a lovely texture and a firm feel to it. I want to rub it, lick it, put my face to it, wrap it all around me. And not because it is flashy and gorgeous but because it is simple, understated and elegant. I like Balblair 2000, I like it a lot in fact and you can probably tell. It is a cracker and with a price tag likely to show something inside £30 this is a must-have this summer.



  1. Exciting news, the 1989 was the first whisky I fell in love with but I felt the 1997 lacked a little something (even considering it’s age/price tag), sounds like they may have found that now. Simple but well made is a winning combination.
    So I guess it’s a pity I promised myself I’d not buy any more whisky this summer, will no doubt show up in a bar somewhere. Or is it too early to start thinking about Christmas?

    Tangentially: Do you know any pubs/bars that have the 1975? Really want to try it, am sure it’s lovely but a bottle is prohibitively expensive…

  2. looking fwd to taste

  3. I found the 1997 hopelessly gorgeous and I’m doing all I can to hunt down a mini of the 1989. Unfortunately the only locations of them known to me are in the north of Scotland.
    Balblair has been a very well-kept secret but I feel with these knew releases this won’t continue to be the case. Stock up now while they’re still cheap(ish).

  4. Matthew,

    You can try Balblair 1975 in the Scotch Whisky Experience bars on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

  5. It is awesome. I am just gathering the pennies to purchase myself a bottle.

    The first time I tried it, I was very lucky to be talking to Stuart Harvey (Inverhouse Master Blender). If you ever get a chance, he is a superb public speaker. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he can explain it in a way that lamen’s (like me) understand.

    Best new release this year that I have tasted.

  6. A miniature of the 1989 is available from

    And the Balblair 2000, £30.50 is now available at the Loch Fyne Shipping is a flat fee of £7.50.

    They have a good collection at good prices, including a G&M Balblair 41 years old for £120 !!!!!!

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