A sample well secured

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By now I’m quite used to getting wee samples from distillers delivered to me for Chris and myself to try. Usually they come well protected – bubble wrapped and boxed. But as you can see Glenfiddich took sample security a step further and decided to protect me from my own whisky by locking the bloody thing. I have a sneaky feeling I’m going to have to jump through hoops to get the code. And you know what? I’m game. Bring it on.



  1. nice stuff

    how come we never get those nice samples?

  2. Too far perhaps?

  3. Don’t worry Lucas, I used to be an awesome lock pick in my younger days working in hotels and hostels. Il just go get my burglars kit….

  4. you might be able to pull on the lock, and rotate the cogs one at a time (working from left to right), and feel a bit more movement when they hit the right number, failing that the box is only wooden…these things demand urgent action.

  5. Don’t worry Lucas, 999 combinations is about one hour of patience (or sufficiently large metal shears and few seconds)

  6. I seem to have received a somewhat delayed email from Glenfiddich. If you’ve been very patient and resisted the tempation of lock pickery, your code should be 900


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