Glenfiddich led me astray somewhat…

Glenfiddich Explorers

The picture says it all really. The bottle I received earlier this week in a locked wooden was to celebrate Glenfiddich’s new online toy – a warehouse to explore. Check it out if you want, it’s rather well done. I found it cool from a professional point of view but may not be your cup of tea.

It was a clever attention grabber from Glenfiddich and they got good coverage all over web. Good for them. Quite funny (embarrassing?) how I got to open the thing, though. I think the idea was that someone else would get my padlock code and I would get somebody else’s and we would have to get in touch to open our boxes. For one reason or another I never received the code email though, so I just picked the lock. I know I’m bad but Tim from The Whisky Exchange and guys at did the same thing as soon as they received their bottles! A bunch of intellectuals, eh? High flyers, crème de la crème, the future of the industry. God help us all.