A Quick Dram: Milford Single Malt (NewZealand)

Milford Single Malt Whisky
Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand
10 yo, 1993-2004
Ex bourbon cask
43% ABV
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Nose: Malty, nutty, heather honey and peaches. It almost smells of the wash-backs it is so malty.  Then this lovely sweetness powers through. Very promising! I almost thought they may have used other grains, like rye, because it had such a prominent grainy, malty nose.

Palate: Zesty and grapey. Call me crazy (Lucas frequently does) but a slight taste of Ribena! Creamy and hints of white chocolate. It really doesn’t need water. A very smooth dram. I have to add water though, just for my own inquisitiveness

Ww: It goes in a citrusy direction. Grassy and green apples.

Finish: Orangey and warming.

Overall: An Awesome whisky! Very drinkable. Dangerously drinkable. Sadly, as far as I understand it, they are not distilling anymore. The stills were dismantled in 1999.

(The Picture below is me getting ready to jump off the Sky tower in Auckland, New Zealand. I just thought the post needed a picture!)


And this is the tower! I wish I had known about Milford Whisky then. It may have steadied my nerves!



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