Highland Park Tasting


Keep it simple. This is the main point I have taken from a tasting with Gerry Tosh from Highland Park. So let’s keep it simple.

Interesting Unique Points to Highland Park

Orkney Peat is more aromatic than Islay Peat, creating a less smokey and sweeter whisky.

All casks seasoned with Olorosso sherry. American White Oak and Spanish Red Oak.

Natural Colour.

2.4 Million litres a year, so not the biggest of distilleries.

Awarded ‘Best Spirit in the World’ By Paul Pacult. One of the reasons was for the uncanny ability to dry your mouth and then moisten it apparently.

Most Memorable things from this tasting

Highland Park 25 with Haagen Daas Ice-cream and Highland Park 18 with steak. Mmmmm.

Gerry Tosh’s ability to down a pint of the Fermenting Ale and keep it down for 22 minutes.

On Orkney, they say Skol, rather than Slainte Mhath!

Don’t add caramel to Single Malt Whisky. Just spend lots on the best casks. That’s you told!

Orkney looks awesome!

Overall: I thoroughly enjoyed my tasting with Gerry. A very entertaining man to listen to, made all the better by drinking some fine Highland Park. We tried the 12, 18 and 25. All brilliant although I have to admit, I have gone off the 12 a bit recently. I think it is because the 18 is so good, I would just rather buy that!



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Judging honours

World Whiskies Awards Judge Spirit of Speyside Whisky Awards Judge Global Scotch Masters Judge Scottish Whisky Awards Judge