40 Years at Whyte and Mackay

Richard Paterson Celebrates 40 years at Whyte and Mackay next month. Lucas and I are growing our Tache’s in anticipation!



Everyone knows about Flash mobs but we want to do something a little bit different.

We’re going to arrange for lookalikes to turn up at Whisky Live in Glasgow in September. However W&M realise not everyone can get to Glasgow, so again, before Sep 3 we’d love to see people do their best Paterson impersonation/lookalike online. All we need is for people to post their pics online. The odds are we’ll pick it up via Google Alerts as long as they include ‘Whyte & Mackay’ and ‘Richard Paterson’ in the copy. If they want to make sure that we see it they can also send a link to Richard at richard@themasterblender.com.
What’s in it for the people who post? Quite simply, the best Richard lookalike will be sent a bottle of W&M 40 year old worth £550.