40 Years at Whyte and Mackay

Richard Paterson Celebrates 40 years at Whyte and Mackay next month. Lucas and I are growing our Tache’s in anticipation!



Everyone knows about Flash mobs but we want to do something a little bit different.

We’re going to arrange for lookalikes to turn up at Whisky Live in Glasgow in September. However W&M realise not everyone can get to Glasgow, so again, before Sep 3 we’d love to see people do their best Paterson impersonation/lookalike online. All we need is for people to post their pics online. The odds are we’ll pick it up via Google Alerts as long as they include ‘Whyte & Mackay’ and ‘Richard Paterson’ in the copy. If they want to make sure that we see it they can also send a link to Richard at richard@themasterblender.com.
What’s in it for the people who post? Quite simply, the best Richard lookalike will be sent a bottle of W&M 40 year old worth £550.


  1. love @the_nose, AKA Richard.

    he’s quite the type…


    Many more years of fun,

    from the holy-land, of whisky

  2. [...] To my bemusement none of the big boys attended. Diageo, Chivas, Edrington, Glenmorangie, Inverhouse… nowhere to be seen. William Grant had a Glenfiddich stand and a coopering show on and Whyte & Mackay rolled out heavy artillery with all of their brands present and both Richard Patterson and Willie Tait making good efforts to entertain the crowd. There were some R.P. impersonators kicking about which was a nice and funny way to celebrate Richard’s 40 years with the company which Chris has already ‘written’ about. [...]

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