Where the hell have I been?


Where the hell have I been for the last 3 weeks? Well, while Chris was in Edinburgh drinking Highland Park and Balblair, rubbing shoulders with a certain young lady who can sing as good as she looks (or the other way round), I was away updating my somewhat obsolete marital status and then honeymooning in Prague. Why take a brand new wife to Prague instead of, say, Venice or the Caribbean? The beer of course!

I’m obsessed with it now and, to be perfectly honest, I have been spending much more time dealing with beer than whisky recently. Not that I don’t love whisky (or you) any more – just needed a few non-whisky weeks to gain a new appreciation, put things into perspective, organise my thoughts. While on my whisky break me and two of my mates polished off a litre bottle of Laphroaig QC, drunk a fair amount of Lagavulin DE and enjoyed a few samples of Manager’s Choice, so it wasn’t exactly a whisky break… just some time not reading/writing about it. And I guess it’s done the trick, I have a few new ideas and heaps of energy to do blog work, which I regret to say I have been neglecting over the last couple of months.

Another update is that I don’t work as a tour guide any more, I quit that just before I went away. In the mean time I have somehow managed to get myself a wee consulting deal with a whisky company. I’m saying this for the first and the last time on the blog and I want to assure you that this will have no impact on the EWB operations, the two things are completely independent and I’m under no obligation to cut the consulted brands any slack. I thought about it long and hard and I’m sure this will not compromise my integrity as an on-line whisky commentator. I don’t know if you think that it’s fair I’m doing this now but I have a brand new family to feed and I don’t think I would be happy doing something outside the industry just to keep it real. Enough said.

Well, sorry for this entirely personal update and no interesting whisky content but I felt like sharing, eh? One more thing. I’m launching my home brewery this week, my first home-made batch will be a Bavarian hefe-weizen. Do you want me to blog it? I can take a few pix as I go along and describe the process a little bit. Let me know.



  1. Yes please! Blog about the beer brewing and everything about it!
    I’m quite interested in that too, but would like to read some peoples experiences before trying to get into it…

  2. Cool. Will do then:)

  3. Man alive, you’re in for some fun trying to get a Weizen to work at home.

    Those yeasts are tricky little buggers.

    I have quite a lot of spare HB equipment if you need any mate :)

  4. Me like too

  5. Cheers guys:)

    Ben, I’ve read some books so I’m feeling all smart and ready;P But we’ll see I guess… I have Bavarian weizen yaest strains in liquid form ready to go.

  6. it’s the pitching that’s the problem, if it’s too hot or too cold, or the wind’s blowing the wrong way, it’ll give up and die.

    Looking at your picures though, it looks like it’s taken! Fan-blooming-tastic.

    Top tip, Coriander seeds and Curacao peel work really well in Weizens. Not so much as to turn it fully into Hoegarden, but a little seasons it very nicely.

  7. Ha! cheers Ben. Will research that and try some seasoning next time I’m making a weizen.

  8. Drinking tanked Urquell is worth the trip to Prague :-)

    What a great place to drink beer, and the rest of the city is worth a honeymoon I say !


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