A Quick Dram: Redbreast 15 Year Old

Redbreast 15 year old
Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Ex Bourbon and Ex Sherry
46% Abv
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Nose: Rich heather honey, raisins, almonds, hints of dark chocolate. A slight prickle that indicates it’s 46% abv. It is a sweet, rich and moreish nose. Takes me back to the Master Distillers cottage, Cork.

Palate: Grapes. Ribena, vanilla, peaches and grapefruit. If anyone ate fruit pastels: the purple fruit pastel. Beautiful stuff. Very thirst quenching and in no way drying.

Finish: More grapes, fruit pastels and peaches. Yum

Overall: Seriously, buy it. Even better, travel to Cork and drink it there. You won’t be disappointed. Write to me if you are.



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