Compass Box you say?

Edinburgh Whisky Blog Compass Box tasting at the Vintners Rooms in Leith. Ok, so you know what Edinburgh Whisky Blog is (If you are reading this and don’t know, have a look at our about us section). The Vintners rooms is an Italian Restaurant in Leith which has a ridiculous collection of whiskies to try by the dram (1300 malts plus 300 blends on the way). All sorted. But wait a minute, what or who is Compass Box?

Compass Box is an independent bottling company and Artisan blender. They challenge the status quo with new ideas and a questioning nature when it comes to the ‘rules’ . Lucas and I like their style and attitude, so it fits quite nicely that we can do a tasting for them.

We will be tasting their three most controversial whiskies as part of our tasting at 7pm on November 8th (5 pounds for the tasting, all the money going to charity) Hedonism, Spice Tree and Orangerie. Well, I say whiskies. 2 of them are classed as whiskies. Orangerie is a Scotch Whisky infused with Orange zest and peel. Spice tree is a whisky, but it uses ultra toasted oak, which is quite a new idea and Hedonism is a blended Grain Whisky. All quite different, I think you will agree. I am sure they are the Scotch Whisky Associations favourites anyway!


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  1. Indeed CB makes mean whiskies.

    had most of their line and i must say i love the Spice tree (v2) and hedonism.

    the Orangerie is nice, but not quite a whisky

  2. Hello, guys!

    I must say I really like Hedonism and Spice Tree from Compass Box. I made a tasting at Whisky Live Moscow 2010. Spice Tree is a really Christmas and winter dram I think. Hedonism Grain Whisky is quite complex and had overtones of some vegetables))but also a Toffifee aroma(caramel maybe). I would like to have a bottle of this 2 when they will sell it in Russia, because for this moment it’s unreal to order it from Scotland because of some new customs reasons.


  3. Hi ShadowWolfSmith,

    Fear not, there is good news.

    Hedonism has recently arrived in Russia so you should be able to pick up a bottle or two right away.

    If you contact Tamara Vakhlamkina, the CB brand manager at Marussia Beverages RUS, at I’m sure she can point you in the right direction.

    Chris/Lucas – thanks for putting the tasting together. Share and enjoy! (and keep warm)


  4. Very excited about this night!

    To Compass Box Chris: Thankyou for sending us the Whisky. Really looking forward to tasting them with some of our readers.

  5. Hello Compass Box Chris!

    Thanks for a really good news! I will contact Tamara as soon as possible.


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