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People in the UK get nervous when they are asked if they are good at something. They say things like: “I know a bit about it” or “Aye, am no too bad at that”. Well not Lucas and I. We are not modest in any way. Ask our friends.

We know quite a bit about Whisky. We know quite a bit about Edinburgh and Scotland. A lot you may say. We don’t know everything, but anything we don’t know, we can find out. If there is any burning question that you have or any advice you may need, please tweet it to us at:, email us at, find us on Facebook at Edinburgh Whisky Blog, send carrier pigeons, smoke signals or just come to Edinburgh and if we can, we will take you out for a wee dram and try and answer your queries. And these questions can be anything. What whisky should I buy for my Dad? Where is a nice hotel in Edinburgh? Should I ask this girl out? (The answer to the third question is always yes – who dares wins)

At the end of each month, we will pick our favourite questions and send some weird and wonderful drams. How good’s that!


Now obviously it is fun to read about whisky, but it is far more fun to drink it! If you have read one of our reviews, and you quite fancy tasting it for yourself, this is a rather spiffing website: . They look after us by giving us  5% off and a free Glencairn Glass  when you type  EdinburghWhisky01 into the delivery details on page 2, when buying a 70cl bottle. They also have a marvellous section where you can buy any of their spirits by the dram! It is like having access to God’s drinks cabinet! . Read our review, order yourself up a wee dram, taste it, disagree with us completely, write to us and tell us that we are idiots and that we shouldn’t give up our day jobs. We can’t wait to read that!

Right, off for a wee dram myself. Looking forward to reading any questions that come along.




  1. Hello there,
    I am sending you all a message to see if anyone can help me… My partner was recently given a 15 year old, 75cl / 43 percent bottle of unopened Dalwhinnie, complete with its packaging (the box, a bottle neck tag), this was given to him by his Grampy who said he had brought it approx 30 years ago. We are not really big whisky drinkers so only know the basics about the history of this product, but we are interested to know if anyone could help us find out more about Dalwhinnie. We know that Wine unlike Whisky etc changes in flavour as it ages, but surely the way they blend the Whisky changes over time!? Also the box – which is in good condition has what looks like a water colour hand painted picture on it – is this something they did, or is it generally printed on the box… Any advice would be much appreciated!!
    Is it likely that the bottle is of any value? If so, where would i take it to get it evaluated and where would i go to sell it on if it is worth anything – any recommendations, advice and information would be great, helpful and very much appreciated!
    Once again thank you….

  2. Hi Becca,

    Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Just doing a bit of research. Will get back to you very soon.


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