St. Andrew’s Day. What?

Here is the deal. I think I was trying to be a bit too creative with our Glenlivet event and some of you didn’t quite get it. My fault. I’ll say it plainly.

There is a free tasting on the cards for St. Andrew’s Day, 6pm in Edinburgh. It is with The Glenlivet global brand ambassador and our friend Ian Logan and it will consist of some superb juice. It is limited to 15 seats so we can not guarantee you will get in but it is worth applying as a night out will happen anyway, there may just not be quite enough space for everybody at the sit-down tasting that will kick the night off.

We had heaps of ‘maybies’. Guys, sorry but that’s no use to us. We want to draw the list and notify people well in advance so please tell us if you want in and if you are sure you can make it, otherwise just stay tuned in for the after-party info, ok?

We have decided to give you a couple more days to figure out if you want to apply full-on or if you would you rather just leave us alone. So still time to get in touch.