Movember. Please donate.

Movember is a great month. We get to go to crazy parties, sport very sexy Mo’s and most importantly donate money to Charity. The aim of Movember is to fight prostate and testicular cancer. It is fighting for Men’s health. The idea of the Mo is to raise awareness and raise money to fund research.

Please donate and please be aware. Cancer is a truly torturous disease. I’m talking from experience. The only people that suffer as much as the victims of cancer, are the families. I have sadly lost too many people to cancer. As someone related to a cancer sufferer, we have to watch our father, brother, sister or mother get sicker and sicker. It tears them, and us apart. You visit them, and you see other families in cancer wards. Tears and unbearable sadness. You see the person you love in unbelievable pain and you wish you could stop the pain.

When my uncle was on his last legs, he told me something that has stayed with me. He said ‘Make people laugh. Make them smile. Be generous with your time and be a shoulder to cry on. Being there for other people is very important. It makes their life that little bit better’. This man said this to me while his body was wracked with pain, raging against the cancer inside. He lives on, through the impact he had on mine and other peoples lives.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can fight this disease. Get yourselves regularly checked. Eat healthily, drink in moderation, exercise and have fun. Treat your friends well and treat your family well. And while you are doing this, please donate to a cancer charity. Any cancer charity.

I have lost too many people to cancer. They were taken before their time. These were people that were very close to me and I miss them terribly.   Please donate.

Thank you




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