Win a bottle of Penderyn Sherrywood!

Penderyn Sherrywwod for Movember

As we are nearing the end of Movember we thought it would be good to give you that final little push to help us raise money for prostate and testicular cancer charities. Every person who donates to Adamant Whisky Imbibers (us!) via Movember website will be automatically entered into a draw to win a nice, tasty, shiny bottle of Penderyn Sherrywood (box signed by AWI team members). It doesn’t matter if you give £1, £10 or £100 – everybody’s chances of winning are equal.

The bottle was very kindly donated by team member Dominic Roskrow, thank you Dom!

So once again, simply go to the Movember website and make your donation using your bank card. Done. And remember, the Penderyn can’t drink itself!


Expand to see how pretty she is…

Penderyn Sherrywwod for Movember


  1. Competition or not, happy to support you guys and your Movember efforts. Donation made. Slainte.

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