Pink to call her baby Jameson. Why not Pink Breast?

Pink Jameson

We found out yesterday that Pink, who is expecting a baby boy, decided to call him Jameson. The rationale seems blurred to me, it has something to do with her dad being called James and brother Jason… but also, and apparently Pink admits that openly, it is because both she and her husband have Irish roots (who doesn’t!) and they really like Jameson whiskey.

Wow. And I thought I was a whisky geek…

What can we say? Bravo Pink! I am sure guys down at Midleton are elated (not!) and already considering presenting the baby with a supply of Jameson for life. Additionally they should consider releasing a limited bottling of another classic Irish whiskey – Red Breast – only called Pink Breast as a tribute to the singer!

I will call my first baby Ardbeg (if it’s a boy) or Clynelish (if it’s a girl). And if they can’t tell the gender, I’ll call it Auchentoshan.