It’s Christmas. Everyone buys Famous Grouse

Since it is Christmas and everyone buys Famous Grouse, I thought I would try some unusual Famous Grouse bottlings. I always try to keep an open mind when it comes to blends and blended malts. I mostly drink single malts, so it takes a while to get used to the different flavours that a blend or blended malt throws up.

I have quite mixed feelings about Famous Grouse. Im not a big fan of the standard stuff, but I also remember one of my first whisky experiences was with Famous Grouse. They did a promotion just near the National Gallery in Edinburgh. In this promo, they had setup a giant cinema screen in the open air. It was a beautiful sunny day, I was wandering about and happened to get a free ticket. I sat and watched Dr Strangelove with a free Grouse and ginger. A truly excellent film and a very refreshing drink. It was ace!



Famous Grouse 15 Blended Malt
Exclusive to the Scotch Whisky Experience
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Famous Grouse 15

Nose: Vanilla, honey, dulux paint, pear cider and slightly sickly

ww: zesty, hints of perfume, citrusy and peachy.

Palate: Toffee apples and caramel pears (if they exist)

Like sitting eating a box of chocolates. Over indulgence.

ww: Dark chocolate. More of that zest.

Finish: Sweet nougat.

Overall: Good with a bitter dessert, citron tart or dark chocolate mousse.


Famous Grouse 21year Old Blended Malt
Exclusive to the Scotch Whisky Experience
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Famous Grouse 21

Nose: Toffee, Pecan pie, pears, lemons, after eights. A real step up from the 15.

Palate: Worthers originals. Steamed fruit pudding. Rich and bitter with a slight peat smoke.

Finish: Heavy and rich

Advice: Don’t add water. It became chemically and extinguished the richness.

Overall, the 21 would be my choice. The 15 would be excellent for dessert but I wouldn’t want to indulge in too much of it on its own. Far too sweet.