A dram for Xmas (Tomintoul 12 Portwood finish)

Today’s dram is Tomintoul 12 Port wood finish. I may have mentioned this before, but I believe Port is underused in the whisky industry. The small amount of port matured whiskies I have tried, I have thoroughly enjoyed. Sweet, fruity, light, grapey, but without any slight sulphurous note you get from sherry cask maturation.

Perhaps it is because Port is underused, that it remains a novelty to me. Something of a treat. There could be something in the quality of the casks that marks port casks out as better. Sherry casks that have been used over and over again are going to lose quality, whereas I have never heard of Port casks being re-used.

Tomintoul Port Finish 12 year old (finished for 20 months in Port pipes)
46% abv
Buy it from here

Nose: Candy, bubblegum and grapes. Little prickle on the nose at 46%. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Quite a juicy dram, but I think water will improve the nose. Lots of potential.

ww: More grapey.

Palate: Alcoholic cranberry Ribena balanced with drying white wine/rose notes.  Quite enjoyable. A little on  the unusual side. I do like sweet whisky and I think I would buy it over a port.

Finish: A lingering aromatic finish, like a ladies perfume hanging in the air after she is gone.

Sophisticated, novel and complex. Who thought I could get all this from an alcoholic drink?! I think it is like a delicate fine french red in the face of some new world tannic beast. I could complain that it is subtle, but that would be to complain of its very nature. Subtle, tasty and affective.




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