A (chocolate) dram for Xmas

The temperature was rapidly dropping as the Sun dipped from view. My Xmas shopping was becoming a struggle. I could feel my shoulders wilt at the knowledge that there was still so much to do. The snow underfoot, while making Edinburgh even more stunning, was sapping the strength from my limbs. I needed a warm place, a smile and something to pick me up. What I was about to try didn’t just pick me up, it gave me a big hug and whispered encouraging words into my ear. That’s how good Coco’s hot chocolate is.

Coco is an artisan chocolatier in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. They sell everything a chocoholic would ever need and they have a seating area, so you never have to leave. They will be at our Birthday Party giving out chocolate.

To be controversial, I did a tasting of their excellent Aztec hot chocolate.

Coco Hot Chocolate
Aztec (A blend of chocolate, cinnamon, chilly and Vanilla bean pod)
Made by Kirsten of Coco Chocolate.
Buy it here

Nose: Rich, creamy and spicy. A very enticing aroma.

Palate: Peppers, chilly and rich chocolate. Hints of raisins and a buttery creaminess. It’s heavenly and very decadent.

Finish: Very addictive. I was sad when the mug was finished but I had a renewed vigour which inspired me to finish my shopping.


Visit Coco. Become addicted, just like I have.