A dram for Xmas (anCnoc 16)

We visited Knockdhu distillery recently. It made me relish visiting distilleries. It had been a long day, and we still had a lot of driving to go, but it was well worth stopping off at Knockdhu. What really makes that distillery is the distillery manager; Gordon Bruce. A gentleman who is courteous, hospitable, passionate and hilarious. He didn’t mix his words and he left me with the impression that there was nothing else he would rather be doing. As he said: “sell anCnoc. It puts my kids through college”.

He also said “remember the mash is very important. People always forget”

But is the liquid good enough? Let’s find out!

AnCnoc 16 years old
Highland Malt 46% Abv
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Nose: grassy, limes, lemons, and apple cider. Slightly peppery. It’s a dram for Spring turning into summer. Citrusy drams, pints of hoegaarden. If only it wasn’t minus 15 outside currently.

Palate: Quite different. Limes, peppery but with far less of the sweetness that is on the nose. Oakiness and the slightest hint of peat. Slightly sour.

Finish: Sweet and sour finish.

I like the 1994 and the anCnoc 12 more. The workers at Knockdu prefer the 16. I have to disagree. Here is the thing. It combines oakiness with sweetness and it is slightly peaty. But I don’t enjoy it. I think I just want sweeter fruitier whisky from Speyside. The popular opinion is that ‘classic’ Speyside is oaky and peaty. If that is the case, I’m  not the biggest fan of classic Speyside. Buy this as a gift for someone who’s palate is different from mine. Sorry Gordon. I’ll still sell the 12 for your college fund. I love it.